Schweden Splitt AB

About us

Schweden Splitt AB provides asphalt manufacturing plants and concrete plants with aggregates. We supply material for road and railroad projects, as well as water building projects with armourstone. Our export clients can be found from Denmark in the West to the Baltic countries in the East.

Our business concept is to exploit the absence of primary rock formations suitable for the production of high-quality macadam, in the Southern part of the Baltic region. Lack of primary rock means that countries like Denmark, Germany, Poland, Kaliningrad and the Baltic states have to import such products to cover their need for high-quality macadam.

The bedrock in the county of Blekinge, and indeed in most parts of Sweden, consists of primary rock. In the Western coastal parts of Blekinge, Karlshamn municipality, the bedrock consists of fine-grained, light-grey granite gneiss. It is typical for this area, and an unrivaled raw material for the production of high-quality macadam.

Schweden Splitt AB was established in 1993 and is a Swedish company registered in Karlshamn municipality. It is owned by Basalt Minerals GmbH (BAG) with its statutory seat in Linz Am Rhein, in Southwestern Germany. Find further information about our mother company at

Since the start of production in the autumn 1995, while operating in the Stilleryd port area, we have produced and delivered approximately 20 Mton of aggregates from that site. The Stilleryd operation was depleted in 2012 and the land has since been re-cultivated and returned to the owners, the municipality of Karlshamn and Karlshamn port. The levelled area is now ready to be used for industrial exploitation.

As the Stilleryd operation were coming to an end, Schweden Splitt AB in 2010 acquired an existing coastal quarry in Elleholm, ca 10 km West of Karlshamn. This quarry was once started in the early 1960´s and has its own port and loading facilities for bulk loading of aggregates. Since then, the quarry has undergone a large transformation to make it a modern and large capacity quarry. Some of the larger undertakings that has been done are:

  • A new environmental permit for the quarry and the port with fairway
  • Dredging of port and fairway, erection of a new quay and installation of a large ship loader
  • Construction of an over land conveyor belt from the quarry to the quay
  • Erection of a complete three stage crushing plant with >1 Mton annual capacity

With these installations we now have a modern quarry with a large production capacity to be able to support our clients both on the local and export market.

Aside from the production and port facilities we also have our own shipping department in house that are ready to assist with the sea freight logistics.

Movie about Elleholm quarry